7 Meal Kits & Pre-Made Food Providers I Tried, Pros & Cons, Scoring

6 Providers I Tried
  • Less waste than cooking by yourself, especially for one person
  • Less time on grocery shopping, especially for the meals that require a lot of different ingredients and spices
  • No need to research recipe
  • Package wastes — although most of the boxes and packages can be recycled, it’s still a lot of packaging to be recycled, abox, several freezer packs, and many small packages for food, EVERY WEEK
  • You thought you skipped or cancelled, but suddenly received a box, because you actually forgot to cancel this week — some meal kit company “lures” customers to “skip” instead of “cancel”, resulting in an unexpected box.
  • No egg related recipe. They usually avoid egg related recipes.
  • Quick and fast — usually 3 mins of microwaves to prepare
  • Some companies have bad packaging. After some time in the freezer, the food is partially frozen with ice. After heating up, the food would become watering. And you know about microwaves, it is difficult to have an even heat-up.
  • No leafy greens.
  • Just not as good as freshly made food.



Cook It



Tout Cuit

Boite du Chef




Looking at tech from all aspects

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Sylvia X

Sylvia X

Looking at tech from all aspects

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