Try Some of the Montreal’s Best Restaurants during Holidays

Sylvia X
3 min readDec 25, 2020

What I love about Montreal the most is the restaurants, bars, and cafes that form the diverse cultures and a strong sense of community. 2020 is such a difficult year for them. If you want to support local restaurants and try some amazing food during this holiday, here is a list of 8 restaurants that offer brunch or dinner deliveries/takeout. If you live in Plateau or downtown, there is a high chance that they deliver.


Arthurs Nosh Bar

One of my favorite brunch places in Montreal in Jewish deli style. Their Moroccan Toast and The Shah Special were great. However, they have a different menu for takeout (available on UberEats). Currently closed and reopen on the December 30th.


Hélicoptère offers contemporary creative cuisine. Their New Year menu is sold out, but you can still order online for brunch, cafes, and wines.


A Syrian restaurant located in Outremont and deliver within 10km. For those who are sick of conventional brunch options, you can try their brunch menu for 2 during the holidays.



One of my favorite restaurants in Montreal, providing creative French dishes. After the pandemics, the owner made some changes to Larry’s (used to be a brunch restaurant) and Lawrence (used to be a casual chic style restaurant next to Larry’s). Now only Larry’s is open and you can order their usual small plates, breakfast, and nice selection of wines.


Trifecta is composed of 3 great local restaurants: Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Filet and Le Serpent. They specialize in European fusion and fish dishes. The online order options are mainly Italian cuisine, available till 31st.


Renoir is a restaurant of hotel Sofitel, specializing in new French cuisine. They offer a simple festival menu for 2 (with a vegetarian option) that you can reheat at home.

Bar Mamie

Bar Mamie is relatively new. The bar is cute with nostalgic interior design in the memoir of the owner’s grandma. During the holidays, Bar Mamie offers special Christmas dishes, and kits for cheese fondue and raclette.


An Asian fusion restaurant mainly inspired by Japanese and Chinese cuisines. They are more on the pricy end compared to the other restaurants on this list. They have several holiday menu options.